Imagine A Yoga App . . .

Imagine that you travel to a tropical island where you meet a yoga teacher who shows you an incredible yoga sequence which unlocks your full yoga potential. He tells you that with this sequence and practice "you can dance for the rest of your life." Meet Lyndon Mason who is that man on that island who teaches that sequence!

Two Yoga Virtuoso Apps:

1. Yoga Virtuoso with Lyndon: Move, Stretch, Dance            Download

Sixty six (66) minute yoga session, 53 postures.

2. Yoga Virtuoso Free with Lyndon: Move, Stretch, Dance    Download

Twelve (12) minute yoga warm up session, 6 postures.

Yoga Virtuoso with Lyndon is yoga app like no other. Authentic yoga, beautifully photographed in ultra high definition 4k taught by a fantastic teacher whose goal is to bring yoga to the people who are interested in learning and bring each student to his or her full potential. This is the first time that Lyndon's teaching is available anywhere, other than at his yoga studio. it stands on its own as an artisitc work. This is yoga that will take you to a place that you've never been before.

The Teacher

Lyndon Mason has dedicated more than 25 years to yoga. His extraordinary abilities both in yoga movement and in the articulation of his teaching is both inspiring to those who already do yoga and captivating to first time students. Whether you’re watching on your mobile device or actually there in Lyndon's studio, this yoga has the power to change your life.

The Sequence

Lyndon says that, “If you learn the alphabet, the ABC’s of yoga, you can ‘dance’ for the rest of your life.” The sequence he teaches is the key.

This yoga flows through the postures rather than concentrating on holding postures in a random sequence. It's a balanced one hour teaching that is exactly the same for each class allowing students to relate to and evaluate daily progress. It’s an ingenious series of movements designed by a yogi and a doctor which helps the body to balance, tone, strengthen, stretch and relax.

Surf Break

Early most mornings in season, you can find Lyndon on his surf board catching the waves before his first class. On the beach, Lyndon remarks, “Ultimately yoga is about bringing your body and your mind together in the moment.” Fellow surfer Jess York adds, “Lyndon’s yoga lessons helped me with my back problem, that has totally gone away, but what I really noticed was how much my surfing was improving because of yoga, and also the lack of injury... surfing and yoga, they’re like strawberries and cream.”  

Discover the Yoga Virtuoso in You

Few things are quite as inspiring as seeing your yoga teacher doing what appears nearly impossible, and then discovering in time, with practice, that you can actually do it too. Download Yoga Virtuoso and begin the journey of a lifetime.

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6  Warm-Up Postures

iPhone (PAID): Posture Detail

iPhone (PAID): Home Screen

iPhone (PAID): Pose Library -

53  Postures

iPhone (FREE & PAID): Sun Salutation  

iPhone (PAID): Triangle Posture

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This yoga has the power

to change your life.

“If you learn the alphabet,

  the ABC's of yoga, you can

  dance for the rest of your life."

  Lyndon Mason

“Ultimately yoga is about

bringing your body and your

mind together in the moment.”  Lyndon Mason











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